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"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

Colossians 2:8

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Some people have a hard time understanding exactly what Living Springs Institute is, and usually this is for one simple reason - they want to categorize the Institute, and what we teach, as being a part of, and/or most explainable as, one of the major denominations or larger movements that consider themselves either Christianity or Judaism. This is understandable because most people have been programed to do this. It is the thought pattern created by living in the structures which dominate and form most all religions.

Thus, one does not have to be exposed to much of what Living Springs Institute teaches before they will conclude we are Christian. This is because we do believe Jesus is our Saviour. However, when people find out we teach Saturday is the Sabbath, as opposed to Sunday being the "holy day" of the week, many people, especially Christians, tend to come to the conclusion we are Seventh Day Adventist or something that came from those same roots; but we are not! In hearing we are not, people who are more knowledgeable about all the various shades of Christianity and/or Judaism will tend to come to the conclusion we must be what some would describe as the middle ground between the two religions - that being Messianic Judaism. This is a set of beliefs that Judaism says is Christianity, not Judaism. Messianic Judaism, as well as Christians in general, will debate about which it is.

That aside, the explanation as to why we are not Messianic Judaism brings us back to where we started this conversation, which is the simple fact most people want to understand every organization by relating it to a larger religion, denomination, movement, etc. In spite of the fact some will dispute the accuracy of this statement, simply put, Messianic Judaism is still a religion in that it leans heavily on the teaching of Judaism as a proper way to interpret how to be a Christian, or at least a believer in Christ.

This is why some say it is a way to convert Christians to Judaism, while others argue it is a way to convert Jews to Christianity. Some say it shows Jews an appropriate way to follow Judaism while accepting Jesus as The Messiah. Others will say it is the correct way for both Jews and non-Jews to properly be Christians. This kind of confusing mess, which religions create, is why Living Springs Institute parts ways with established religion. Living Springs Institute is not about teaching or promoting any religion, it is about teaching God's Word so individuals can find and deepen their personal relationship with The One True God who created us all!

While teaching God's Word is obviously going to cause us to teach things that are similar to, if not exactly the same as, some of the doctrine contained in other organizations, the important point is that we are not trying to establish our own religion, movement, etc. Why? Because a personal relationship with God does not come from the holding of religious ceremony for either the Jew or the non-Jew. It comes from a continual desire to seek God for yourself, and the best source for how to obtain and continually deepen your faith in God is not found in the teaching of men. It is found in one's personal knowledge of God's Word.

Thus, the simplest way to understand what Living Springs Institute is trying to do is to say, we are combating Biblical illiteracy and the blindness to knowing God's personal instructions for our lives, which religion, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has and does so often cause!

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