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Following the Biblical Stream

About This Series

This series is an ongoing series appearing in Living Springs Institute's bimonthly publication, Shaqah, beginning with issue #1. Segments of the series are presented here as parts. Each part contains the writing which appeared in a single issue of Shaqah. They are presented here without modification, just as they appeared in each of their respective issues. However, for convenience, each part has been republished in its own independent PDF file so you can read, save, and print them as you may desire.

Lord willing, there will never be a part of "Following the Biblical Stream" which is not published in Shaqah. Thus, Shaqah is an excellent way to keep up with this series as it continues to be published. Shaqah is also the way to read further in the series than this series' page may allow for a time. If you find a series' part is listed as under construction, you can still read that part by looking it up in Shaqah. All back issues of Shaqah can be found on our website, and all you need to do is click on the Shaqah issue listed for the "Following the Biblical Stream" part which is under construction.

Also, if you come to the last part listed on this page, you can look to see if the issue number of Shaqah listed for that part is the most current issue published.


“Following the Biblical Stream” is Living Springs Institute's main ongoing Bible study. As I sit down to write an introduction to this series, we are well on our way into the series; but at the same time, we are not even close to being in sight of the conclusion. Thus, unlike some other series' introductions I have written, this series has an introduction not written at the beginning of things, but also not at a time I can say things about the series as a completed work.

Now, if you read Part I of this series, you will find the intro which was written before any of the series had been. Part I was written for the sake of getting people interested in this series as well as subscribe to the publication which now bears the name Shaqah. However, in that very first installment, I make a statement which needs to be amended a bit. I stated that we will not be taking the Bible verse by verse, but going through the Bible as a whole and then coming back to take it a book at a time. I never intended this statement to mean we would do a flyby on the Bible, and I tried to make that clear in what I wrote back then. However, it's true I did not originally think I would do quite as much in-depth, verse by verse studying to begin with. I intended to do a layered kind of study which would start by going over things more generally and then start over again, going more in-depth each time.

That has not turned out to be the case, because that was not God's will for this study, and I always want to follow The Lord in all things. Instead, "Following the Biblical Stream" has turned out to be very much a verse by verse, in-depth Bible study. In fact, there is even some repetition of information covered in the series. Because of the fact each Bible verse can and does connect to so many other issues, the conversation about each verse radiates out into many subjects which overlap, at times. Of course, this is actually a good thing because it can be very helpful to our understanding of a subject as a whole to look at its different facets as they appear, by studying different verses, different stories and different time periods. That being true, any repetition is not extensive, and instead is more refreshing and confirming of the truth.

All this culminates in a very thorough verse by verse Bible study which may take me more than a lifetime to finish writing. However, I believe this series, no matter its current length, does much to help an individual build a solid foundation in studying and understanding God's Word! This is why I start from the very beginning with Genesis 1:1. You can jump in at any point, and you can look for just those verses you want to read teaching on, out of those verses we have covered, or you can start at the beginning and read all there is. No matter where we currently are, I'm sure the reader who finds this study to be of value, will easily catch up with where we have made it to, and find themselves having to wait for new parts to be published in order to read further.

In any case, it's my prayer that you will find this study of great value to your walk with The Lord, as well as your individual calling to be "...ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:..." I Peter 3:15 That is what it is for, and I have endeavored to write strictly what I feel The Lord telling me to write in each part. If you find you have specific questions about this series, a specific subject, or anything in life you want a Biblical perspective on, please write to us, or use our Q&A submission form! May The Lord bless and keep you as you go deeper in His Word each day!

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