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 Counting The Days Counting The Days
Counting The Days
A Companion Book To The Planning Calendar

ISBN - #978-0-9796653-1-8

Item - #TPMT0002

Size - 5.5" X 8.5"

Page Count - 186


Counting The Days is an overall teaching about the calendar and feasts God gave in the Law, and is a companion to the daily planning calendar produced by the Institute. However, with or without the most recent calendar, this book is a great way for anyone who desires to learn about how God created our lives to be lived as we walk through time day by day. More specifically, Counting The Days teaches the how and why God set up a calendar that contains distinct events, all of which prophesy about God's plan for our existence. It covers what each event prophesies about, why there is a Biblical and Jewish calendar, and much more.

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This writing is intended to be a companion book to the calendar produced by Living Springs Institute which shows both the Gregorian and the Biblical/Jewish calendars together. However, even if you don't have one of these calendars, you should find great value in the teaching contained herein. This book also contains a full year example calendar so one can study the information even without having the most current calendar that may be available from the Institute.

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